ARC Review: The Syndicate by Sophie Davis

The Syndicate (Timewaves Book 1) - Sophie  Davis

I received an ARC to give an honest review.


If anyone who knows me knows I am not huge on time travel books, it is just something about them that turns me away from reading them. So when I was offered a copy I figured I would give it a try worse case is that I do not enjoy it.

As I started reading I found myself wondering about how the time travel would work and how this world would be. I thought it was neat that you can suffer from time illness which isn't good for those affected by it. Stassi is a runner she and her partner Gage recover items from the past for clients pretty neat. The thing with Stassi is she has always wondered about her past so when a job comes up for her to maybe get answers to who her parents are she jumps at the chance. Though it seems that there is more that is going on in Paris in 1925 than Stassi and Gage thought. 

This job is suppose to take a while but with everything going on will they even be able to complete the job and will Stassi get the answers she wants? 

I really enjoyed the setting of Paris in that year, we get a taste of the clothing worn, the parties that were held to how women and men acted. I thought it was really neat we get to meet Hemingway. 

I loved how Stassi and Gage interacted as partners they had the humor in tough times which I thought made them two working together perfect. 

Though this is set in the future I didn't get that vibe the only thing that stuck with me is how they could time travel other than that I figured the year was 2016. 

Now one thing that I was hoping for was closer to the killings that were going on. Is it forever in history? Or was it wiped away? To understand that you have to read the book. 

The way the ending left off I do wonder what book two will have in store for us especially with a new runner coming into play.