NetGalley Children's Review: Our Love Grows

Our Love Grows - Anna Pignataro

We receive this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I have to say this was a great read to read to A. She is at the age of wanting to be big and we have to tell her you need plenty of sleep and you have to eat. So for us this book was on point with how we can explain to A in another why of when she will become big. Pip is a cute panda and ask his mother when will he be big. She in returns explains in a very wonderful way how he can grow big like everything around him grows. I loved the way the illustrations looks almost like watercolor and very soft. I think this book is better as a paperback rather than ebook. The only reason I say this is because sometimes we would turn a page on the ereader and it wouldn't have words so we would have to turn the page again and flip it back for them to show up. 

I plan on re-reading this again to A as a bedtime story. It is very short and easy for the kids to follow along.