Short Story: Karmic Circle

Karmic Circle - Angela Yuriko Smith

I don't mind reading short stories but I like for the plot to be a bit deeper. I have read other work from this author and enjoyed her writing style so I figured this book would be no different. I love reading about how Karma plays a role in people's lives. In this story I felt a bit lost I really didn't understand truly what was going on the only thing that I really felt bad for was the homeless man in the beginning how the woman treated him. To the homeless man (if it was the same one I think it was) who was told something very mean. No need for people to be treated that way. I did like the ending how it came about it was like it was the perfect karmic circle. 

With this being a short story you don't get much character development so I really can't comment on the characters all I can say is I am glad this was a short story as I don't think it could have been any longer.