NetGalley review: Baggage

Baggage - S.G. Redling

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I was very impressed with this story. We go from the present to the past but you don't get confused which is a plus.
You have Anna who has dealt with tragedy her whole life.
The date February 17 is a date that she will always remember not only with what occurred to her as a child but also what happened in her marriage. It doesn't help she is constantly getting letters from the one person she doesn't care to hear from. The only way she copes is thanks to her cousin and drinking. The only issue I had with Anna is the fact that drinking was a big part of her life I mean she was dealing with hangovers and going to work thank goodness she wasn't getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.
So of course Anna and her cousin Jenna are dealing with the stress and everything that is associated with the February 17 now it seems that even though she is dealing with it a murder pops up at her work. We see how Anna has learned what the police look for and tries to keep herself out of it because she had nothing to do with it right? I mean all she did was drink and go home or was there more to it? Especially since it is someone she knows.
We get information on her past which I was very intrigued about and was glad to get some understanding with how she is the way she is.
When everything came to light I was like how did I not put two and two together it was right in front of me. That I really enjoyed.
The only issue I had is the ending I wanted closure and I didn't get it.
The characters were well developed, the plot was very mysterious and kept me guessing, and the pace was perfect.