Review: Hell Holes (book 1)

Hell Holes: What Lurks Below - Donald G. Firesmith

So I read what the book was about and figured it was going about sink holes and maybe a new world down below. I have  already read another book about sink holes so I figured let me see what this author is about. This isn't sink holes this is something far more than that. There is another world opening up but it is one you don't want to be around. So I got almost close to a half in this book and when I was thrown for a loop of the paranormal I was like what? Wasn't expecting that and even though it was neat I started wanting to see more action without it feeling rushed. 

A team of scientist go out to determine what is causing these holes to open up near pipelines, but when they get there it is way more than they bargain for. Now it is a race against time to live and they have to put their lives in the hands of a reporter/mysterious person. We get to meet a lot of different paranormal entities in this book but this is where I felt it was rushed. We get it hit with one thing and we deal with that for a day or so (in the story they have to sleep some time), then it is like oh this is here and then this is here. It was like wow that was very quick. I have to say the ending left me wanting to throw my kindle (though I didn't) it is a cliffhanger. I have to get book two because I need to see where this is going. 

Will humanity survive? Will this person who has an idea of what is going on give us more answers on how to possibly stop this? You have to read it to find out. Overall a good short story.