Children's Review: Ocean Animals

Animal Planet Ocean Animals (Animal Bites Series) - Animal Planet, Laaren Brown

We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

K really enjoyed this book as he got to learn a lot of cool and neat facts about different animals in the ocean. We both loved the bright colors that were within the book as it made it fun to read. The only two issues I had with the book is one the writing on the lime green background is hard to read even in the light. That may need to be changed a bit. Two the formatting of the book is not very good, I hope that it is fixed before the book becomes published.

I think children of all ages will enjoyed not only looking at the pictures but learning new things about ocean animals they may not have known about. 

K thought it was cool that there is a group of volunteers that clean up the beach and would like to help out himself. He didn't think there could be that much trash to be picked up. 

As you read you get to learn how big certain animals are and what you can compare them to, to what their habitat is like. I think this would be great addition for school libraries to school classrooms.