NetGalley Review: The Passenger

The Passenger - Lisa Lutz
I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

This book is a steady pace read. We start off with Tanya letting us know her husband death had nothing to do with her even though she doesn't have an alibi. Right there has my mind wondering what the heck is going to happen now why is she worried about not having an alibi. Well because of her husband's death that is when we find ourselves following the life of Tanya who seems to be running away from her past. I kept wondering about her past especially since she would get emails from a guy named Ryan and slowly but surely it all came to light. At the end all I could say was WTF are you kidding me all this time she was his? I guess I should have seen that coming but I was too engrossed with Tanya/new identity/new identity/new identity and so forth to even think about that.
Now as she is running away she ends up meeting another person named Blue who is just as mysterious but has a killer instinct about her. What is her agenda in all this?
I liked the little love interest that was thrown in there with Dominic I can see him and her getting together once all the dust settles down.
This was a great thriller that I could not put down I wanted to know what caused Tanya/whatever her name is to run away and you have to literally wait until almost the end to get your answers which I love. I don't like finding out right away or even in the middle so this book was great on that approach for me. The only thing that bothered me was the constant dying of the hair (which I knew she had to do) but with it being mentioned the chemicals burning her nose every time she dyed her hair I just skimmed over that sentence every time.
With the way this author writes a good thriller I hope she writes more stories like this.