Children's Review: The Big Blueberry Barf-Off (Rotten School #1)

The Big Blueberry Barf-Off! - R.L. Stine, Trip Park

So we finished a Goosebumps book by this author and as I was looking around in the library I noticed this book. When I noticed it was by R.L. Stine I was surprised as I didn't know he made a series called Rotten School. K seemed to really enjoy this book as we are introduced to Rotten School, and some of the characters in it. Just so you know the names are not normal names like James and Sally. No it is more like Beast and April-May-June weird names but they go perfect with the story.  One of them is Bernie B. He is always scheming and when he notices that Sherman from the Nyce House has a cool new watch he will stop at nothing to get it. 

There was one part of the book that of course dealt with the blueberry pies and K was going "oh that is gross oh no" just over and over I knew then he was enjoying the book and the world that this author created. 

The chapters are short and the pictures that are within the story are pretty funny which I think will keep the kids entertained with reading. 

Now the story isn't haha clean funny but  more haha gross funny which with K being a boy he liked it.

I do plan on getting book two and seeing if K will enjoy that one as well. 

I will say this book may be for 7 years old and up but that just depends on your child and you.