NetGalley Review: Don't Touch This Book!

Don't Touch This Book! - Bill Cotter

We received this book to give an honest review.


Now for me this book did not work on my ereader pages were missing and it just did not work right. So I had to get hardback to fully read the book and have everything come together. 

So glad I did this as this book  is better read being held in your hands rather than through an ereader. 

I felt this book was more for A who is three years old as it was short and had fun things for her to do. For example Larry tells you to give him your best dinosaur rawr which A loved doing. 

Larry doesn't want you to touch his book because it is his but it is up to you show him how to share in a fun way,will he end up sharing his book with you? You have to read that to find out. 

I know we will be reading this book again and I do believe we will be getting the other book Don't Touch this Button as I know A would really enjoy it.