#PBwkendread Review: Need by Carrie Jones

Need - Carrie Jones

So my friend actually gave me this book to read and as I never heard of the author I was kind of wondering what her book would be about. 

It is about the paranormal more in detail the pixies!!! It has been a hot minute since I actually read anything to do with pixies. 

Now this book was very different you have each chapter start with the name of a phobia and the meaning which was very unique and I really liked it. 

So you may be asking what will a phobia have to do with this book, well Zara likes to name them it shows that she has nothing to fear if she can name them. 

I think the teens would really enjoy this book as there is really no violence, no bad words. 

Zara's world is turned upside down when her step-father dies and she is sent to live with her grandma she doesn't want to be there at all especially since it is cold. We watch as Zara starts opening up and meeting new people though her new friends have a secret. 

So as she has moved to Maine there is a mysterious man who she keeps seeing but who exactly is he? Why are boys starting to go missing? As Zara and her new friends dig up the information they discover there are pixies at work and they will not stop hunting Zara until they have her, you see these pixies are not like tinkerbell they are much more dangerous. 

I really enjoyed the whole mysterious vibe that went on through out the story to who was who and what not. Also the little trick that Zara plays have to say was pretty smart. So overall a good story but something that bugged me was the fact that the author had kept mentioning the Amnesty International and how Zara was a big part of it. Now I can understand it being mentioned one or two times but I think the author did it a bit too much on that.