NetGalley Review: The Beauty of the End

The Beauty of the End - Debbie Howells

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


When you start this book you need to make sure you pay attention especially when you go back and forth between years. 

The reason I say this is there was a chapter that started off with one year and we learned what happened during that year then we came to the present then there was a flashback to 1990-something and I had to go back to make sure I didn't miss something. Which I didn't it was just different years.

As I started reading this story I wondered where it was going to go. Especially when we started to get introduced to Ella, I kept wondering why are we getting a character named Ella into this story. It all came together towards the end and I was literally like WHAT!!!! 

Noah has always had a crush on April since he first laid eyes on her, but April has secrets that she holds dear to herself. She doesn't get really close to anyone. They go their separate ways and often end up seeing each other years later and Noah still is in love with her no matter what. Now Noah years and years later is now a lonely person he drinks and doesn't care too much about anything so when he gets a call from his friend or someone who he thought was a friend about April it sparks something in Noah to do something. He needs to prove that April didn't do anything wrong but what he uncovers is something he never thought of. 

We go back and forth between the present and past (in different years) everything slowly comes together and we learn what secrets April was hiding, to me it was heartbreaking to read what she was dealing with and how she couldn't trust anyone to tell them what was going on. And when we see what happens later on with a person I just shook my head and got a few tears. 

Noah on the other hand it was hard to feel sorry for him on how his life turned out. The reason I say this is because of his love for April was so much that it was like he truly could not move on with his life. 

Now Will this is a character who seemed shady from the get go! I couldn't put my fingers on exactly what was wrong with him but he just had that vibe of not being a good person. 

Overall a really good story and one I am glad I was able to review. I love the author's writing style and how she can pull you in and keep you guessing on what will happen next. 

I hope she comes out with more thrillers like this.