Children's Review: A Sunny Day

Cave Kiddos: A Sunny Day - Eric Jay Cash

We received this book to give an honest review.


So I always check out the books my kids get before they read  them so I can see what they look like. With this one I flipped through the pages and started going WHAT? This isn't a story sounds like it would be cave/baby talk so I sat the book down. At bedtime A wanted to read it and I said okay lets give it a try. I was very surprised with the book it isn't cave/baby talk it is learning how to say a word which would be really good for those that are learning to talk or need a bit of help. With this one we are going with waaa   ter. You gotta put those two words together and I can say A had a fun time saying it and she is three.

We also got to the learn the names of the cave children who are on the cover which was nice. Now there isn't a story per say here but the concept is really nice. A likes sit down and try to say the words in the book and this may help her start off reading which would be really awesome. 

I plan on looking to expand our collection with this author as not only did A enjoy the book but it would be great for her to learn how to pronounce words. 


Ages: 1-4 maybe 5