NetGalley review: Raw and Dirty

Raw and Dirty: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bad Boys MC Trilogy Book 1) - Violet Blaze

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

WHAT THE HE** did I just read?

So I believe this is my first ever MC book to read now I could be wrong but I am pretty sure I have never read a book that contained a motorcycle club now I had to go and look up this author and then I realized I have read work from this author before but under another name. Imagine how surprised I was to find this out I was like how did I not know this. 

But any who onto the review, Royal and Lyric how freaking amazing are their names first of all. I mean that just screams hotness from the get go. Royal is the president of his MC in the process of being the president he has lost his brother in a way that he never hoped he would be in the position to lose him in. 

Lyric she works for her dad and has made it certain to herself that will not fall for Royal not like the last person who had her job she is going to get him to do a job and be done with it all. But what do you do when the man you see before you is just too damn hot and makes your panties wet just by him giving you a look? Well in Lyric's case we all know the girl is going to fall for him but the question remains can they ever be together? She wants to move forward in her political career and he knows that their lifestyles don't mix. Just like oil and water. Though the question will remain until the end could these two ever be together? 

Will the bikers get the justice they need to those that have betrayed them?

The sex scenes are hot and make you love Lyric and Royal even more. Now this is suppose to be a biker story but the way the author would talk about the biker life or what went on in the club that had to do with Royal's brother it was like she expected us to already know how this all happened.  I found that a bit weird I would have like to know what made this character do what he did to his club. What ever happened to the dudes wife and kids? 

I really liked how we got to see Royal fight within himself his feelings for Lyric he is this bad boy but you can see him falling in love so hard for her. Lyric on the other hand I liked how she feel for him but there was one scene within the club house I wasn't impressed with at all. It made me shake my head at her while reading it. 

Overall a really amazing MC story and I plan on reading more from this trilogy I loved how this book ended without a cliff hanger.