ARC Review: Need to Find You

Need To Find You - Joseph Souza

I received this book to give an honest review.


This was a good mystery for me, to not find out who "The Viking" was until almost the end was awesome. I thought about 75% into the story I knew who this person was but I was not right though I was not that far off. 

Whip is an ex-officer who when he went undercover his cover was blown ever since then he has turned into an alcoholic. He has gone through rehab and plans on being sober but it doesn't help when he comes back to his home town to bury a family member. While in mourning or in the bottom of a bottle he gets asked to find a missing girl. This leads him on a journey that will have him deal with the person who he was undercover trying to find "The Viking" at what cost will he find out who this man is? Will he become sober enough to solve the case and bring her back home or will too many people get caught in the cross hairs of this man.

Yaz she is a fighter through and through she has been through hell and back and she is not giving up until she finds the person she is looking for on top of ending the man who had kidnapped her and used her. I liked Yaz and I liked how she tried to stay alive while trying to get answers.

It all starts when Yaz is given a phone from the girl who ends up missing, and her past ends up right in her face. Whatever is on the phone is something very important and no one wants it getting out. In comes Whip he has to find Yaz as she may be able to help him track down who he is looking for but while he doing that he also comes face to face with some corrupted law enforcement officers especially one that blew his cover years before. Great story line, great characters especially Yaz, the action was good and the pace was steady. I really enjoyed this book and this author's ability to pull you in from the beginning.