NetGalley Review: Emancipation

Emancipation - Jo Michaels

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

This book was actually pretty good. A serial killer has a pen pal who happens to be a lawyer but what are the intentions of both parties involved? 

The good and gory parts if you like that do not come until close to the end. We spend a majority of the book with Tobias and Jess and how Jess is determined to free him from prison because well he is innocent or at least Jess thinks he is. 

Now Jess is a hot lawyer and you can tell she plays off how beautiful she is, she really likes Tobias and wants more from him but it seems he has other plans. Jess is very smart and I didn't realize just how smart she was until the very end and that is scary. 

Tobias I just couldn't believe he was innocent with the thoughts he would think, or how he was manipulative to those around him. 

This was a decent dark thriller that had me wondering what would happen if this happened in real life? 

The ending to me was the best part of it all to me the rest was good but the ending the best. 

I really want to give out more in this review but I feel as though I would be giving too much away.