Children's Review: Helga Returns (A James and Syvok adventure)

[ { HELGA RETURNS - GREENLIGHT } ] by Nystrom, Wendy (AUTHOR) Mar-01-2013 [ Paperback ] - Wendy Nystrom

We won this book and I am glad we did. We have read the first adventure and got to meet James and Syvok so we already knew who they were. In this book James is with his family and sees a big footprint, it doesn't look like it is a regular footprint so James goes out on an adventure with his friend Syvok and Matthias to find out whose it is. What James doesn't expect is to find a troll as he has never seen one before. But the question will be asked will Helga and James find themselves in trouble and have to be on the glacier or will they be okay. 

I really enjoyed this story and the adventure it is isn't a normal adventure you are meeting creatures that no one hardly writes about anymore. Now this book does not have many pictures and it focuses more on the story. Which some kids will like and others may not. I was weary on how K would be with no pictures but he is starting to enjoy  chapter books that have little to no pictures. 

Now I asked K some questions on the story and here are his answers.


1. Did you like the story?

"Yes, it was good."

2. What was your favorite part?

"All of it. Though I didn't like the eyes of the characters they seemed to big for them."

3. Who was your favorite character and why?

" I liked all the characters. The trolls, dragons, and James."

4. Would you read the book again?

"Yes I would"

5. Would you recommend this book to your friends?

"Yes I would because they may like dragons and trolls as well."