Children's Review: The Berenstain Bears and The Easter Story

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story - Mike Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

So I was looking for a good Easter story to read to my children. This book was more for K who is 9 rather than A who is 3. 

I didn't realize that the Berenstain books had some religion in them, I grew up reading these books and have never seen this in a story before. That did not turn me away from it as I wanted K to learn what Easter was really about but in a way that he would understand. This was perfect for that because Easter is just not about candy it is about Jesus and him raising from the dead three days later. This book did a wonderful job with describing the meaning of Easter and K had a few questions but not too many. 

Now it says there is a sticker set with this book I bought the ebook and there was no sticker set included so do not expect that with the ebook but more for the paperback.

Now if you are not big into religion then this book will not be for you, if you are introducing your child/ren or are big into religion and want something read this will be good for you.


K's questions and answers.

Did you like the story? "Yes I did"

Did you understand the story being told? "Yes it was about Jesus and not having candy."

Would you read this book again? "Yes only at Easter."

Would you recommend this book to your friends? "I think my friends would like this because they can learn about Jesus."