Children's Review: If You Were Me and Lived in Egypt

If You Were Me and Lived in...Egypt: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World (Volume 17) - Kelsea Parks Wierenga, Carole P. Roman

We received this book to give an honest review.


We have read the other books in this series of If You Were Me and Lived In.... and have loved each and every one of them. We both feel as though we are visiting another place within the story which we truly are. K and I both learn a bit more about each place we read about. In this book with Egypt we get to learn about the food, the places you could see, what you would call your family and so much more. The illustrations are done wonderfully and go great with what is being told on each page. I still highly recommend this book to be in school libraries and even in classrooms so children can learn about new places across the world.


Questions and answers from K.

1. Did you enjoy the story? "Yes I did Egypt is a neat place with pyramids." 

2. Did you learn anything? "Yes I learn new words though they are hard to say. I learn what people call their parents and I know what school is called."

3. Would you recommend this book to your friends? "Yes I think they would like to read about Egypt and see the pyramids and they may wonder what happened to the sphinx's nose. Do you know what happened to it?"