NetGalley review: No One Knows

No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


Hot dog I was impressed with this story. I literally was captivated until the very end and when this HUGE twist came about I sat back and "naw there was no way that happened like that." I have to say this author did a might fine job of having us readers me especially think certain things only to have that thought ripped from us and in its place something else entirely. I love books like this.

We go back and forth in the present and the past with Aubrey when she was younger to now. We also have Josh's account of past and present to what leads up to his death. I think the author did a great job with doing this timeline that way. Though she also threw in other characters p.o.v. in the mix which was okay it wasn't bad you just got to make sure you know who you are reading about when you flip the pages to the next chapter. 

I kept waiting for when we would find out what really happened to Josh and I was glad when it all came to light.

For five years Aubrey has been dealing with the fact her husband has been missing, his mother Daisy doesn't believe him to be missing because she believes him to be dead and she believes Aubrey has something to do with it. 

When the state of Tennessee says he is dead everyone has to come with terms with it but what happens when Aubrey believes she might have seen him? It seems she goes on her on conquest to find answers. Who are these shady characters that come into Aubrey's life are they the same ones who might have had a hand in her husband's death? This book will keep you wondering what happened, how did it happen and who is all involved. Keep turning the pages because when the huge twist comes you may be just as surprised as I was. 

Would I read more from this author for sure, as this was a great suspense and mystery book for me.