Review: The Express

The Express - Howard R. Garis

I received this book to give an honest review.


So when I saw what this book was about I was thinking it was going to be straight up horror. For me it wasn't at all scary didn't give me goosebumps or anything. The only thing I think that I enjoyed was what was coming out of the sky to grab those waiting in line, to knowing that the level you start at is determined by the bad deeds you did on Earth while you were alive. That comes right out of the book.

What this story is, is about a man who dies and ends up in hell pretty much and a little of what he endures while there.

This is a short story so if I write too long of a review I will be giving away the story being told. I think the author could have added more scariness to what the main character was being put through also to maybe have him relive some of the "bad" deeds he might have done. I do believe the author did a good job with detailing some things to what the main character was seeing and observing. For this I am going to bump it up to three stars.

Give this book a read and see what you think.