NetGalley Review: The Dolphin

The Dolphin - Craig Bennett Hallenstein

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


I don't even know how to write this review. I felt for Sean and everything he was being put through. As a young child he has always been able to help people with their problems when tragedy hits his life early it almost starts a train of events in his life. 

Fast forward to the present Sean is a register sex offender who was almost done with being registered when something occurred and he was given another 10 ten years. His marriage is already on the rocks because of it so when a radio host comes into town outing sex offenders his life gets turned upside down even more. With that going on there has been a young girl murdered and an explosion that has happened within New Orleans this brings trouble down on Sean but what exactly is he hiding? I really liked how we got bits and pieces of Sean's life growing up and when we got to how his uncle treated Sean I really felt for him on that.  Because what happened when he was 18 has haunted him ever since and has him questioning himself on a daily basis of is he truly a sex offender. Is he a dolphin caught in the net full of sharks or is he shark caught in the net with dolphins? 

It is up to Lt. Dupree to figured out who is behind it all but he seems to uncover a lot and he is on a time limit. Mardi Gras is right behind the corner and he knows something big is planned.

I never even heard of the word Dolphin being used before except to name an animal. So for me this was a new term being used but I understand it now. 

Everything comes together at the end and the true murderer comes to light but will it be too late for Sean, those close to him and the young girl who has been kidnapped? 

The one Lt. Dupree is hunting for is connected to Sean but will Dupree find it in time? Heck will even Sean figure it out is the question as well. 

To me the plot line was steady, the characters were well developed and you either liked them or hated them. I liked this author's writing style and hope he writes more. I have to say the cover is beautiful and dark and I probably won't look at another pinwheel again without thinking of this book.