In a Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide

In a Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide: Miki Radicci Book 2 - M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review. 

So I read book one in this series and loved Miki. She is a sixteen year old artist who is on her own living with her grandpa and her best friend. If you read book one which I highly recommend  then you will know that she has what some may call a gift but she believes it to be a curse. She can feel what it is like to be hurt she gets the marks to prove it. If you get shot it is like she is getting shot, if you get kicked in the ribs she will have bruises and so forth. In this story Miki has been approached by a man who wants her to come and work for him and his group of people that are just like her in some way.  Now she has promised her grandfather that she would stay out of trouble but we all know that will not happen. Her first assignment is to find the killer who has killed two families and what she uncovers is a whole lot more than she expected and I didn't even think of this person being a killer.

We also get new characters such as Gary who lets just say with the way he talks will have you laughing and shaking your heard. I can see Gary and Miki becoming good partners as he is willing to follow her and help her out when need be. We also get to see more of Miki's powers which is pretty neat though you still feel for her having to go through what she goes through when others are hurt. 

Now as much as I loved Miki in this one I didn't get to feel much of her true character until towards the end. She seemed more reserved in this book than before. Heck she doesn't seem to drink as much as she did in book one. Hopefully in book three we get to have her back to her true self.

Now this book will leave you probably with some questions. I know I had a few. 1. Why did her grandpa treat Corey the way he did. I didn't think they had a problem. 2. What was up with the final test that Miki had to do for this Elite group and who is this woman that was there.

Overall a good book and I plan on reading book three to see what else Miki will find herself in. Maybe we will find more about this Elite group and what they are truly about. Also the way it ended has me for sure wondering what happened at her home when she was gone for two weeks.