Review: Zaconis Guardian of Magic (The Energy Chronicles #3)

Zaconis - Guardian of Magic (The Energy Chronicles) - MR MJ Schutte

I received this book to give an honest review.

Okay so when I started this book I was just going to give it a four star rating before I really even got into it. I have never done that before with a book, and I think the only reason I was going to do it with this one is because well I felt that where book two ended I was very satisfied with the story of Lilian and Brighton. 

So I go a few chapters into it and my whole mind changes I am pulled into the story as now the original characters are no longer about but Brighton and Lilian and Mischief. I wondered where was it going to go exactly especially now that we have someone who has magic powers and is wondering about the wizard that lives but he isn't sure where. 

We slowly learn that there is man named Father Zaconis who is after magical people. It seems that he created something that he is now trying to fix though we don't get to that part until close the end. When Brighton is taken by this mysterious man and his army Lilian will stop at nothing and I mean nothing to get him back. We get to learn about a whole new world than were these characters have been living. It will be a fight to the death literally to free Brighton. It seems he will have a choice and his choice will effect all. It also seems as though this Father guy is someone of importance to Brighton though he won't know until the end. 


If you are into magic and fantasy, love that will conquer all, and action I highly recommend this book. Though you need to read book one and two to get the full story. If there is a book four I would read it.