Re-read Review: Guardian by Gillian Joy

Guardian - Gillian Joy
So I read this book a while back in like 2012 but some how my review on Amazon did not stay up. So I decided to re-read the book and see if my review would change as I have a back up copy on my blog and on goodreads.
It didn't really change too much for me though I can say I fell in love with the story even more the second time around. I found myself wanting to find out what was going to happen with Hannah as she is a guardian. 
You see this story starts taking place in 1675 this of course is close to where the Salem Witch trails will be getting close to beginning. Hannah's mother is a guardian and it seems that the gift or curse how ever you want to see it goes down the line to the daughter. So when Hannah's mother dies Hannah becomes the next guardian and her job is to keep order with the Crudelitas which are warlocks, vampires, nemphilims, werewolves and witches. Though will she be able to or will it end up ending her before she can make sure the next guardian is protected? 
Now Hannah has had a love for Gabriel someone who was a childhood friend she gets to learn where he has been all this time which was a big revelation and on top of that her father Jonathan has a big secret. I can honestly say I loved all the secondary characters that came into play from Sam and Ruby to Jesse (though he drove me crazy) and Bernard. 
Her mission to find the person who has cause tragedy in her life and she will not stop until she finds this person. With the help of her friends the question reminds will she succeed or or not? 
There is plenty of love, action, magic and protection all rolled up within this book I honestly can not wait to read book two again as I am wondering what is going to happen with Hannah once everything settles down.