Review: Reaperlands Part One

Reaperlands: Part One - Roy Burdine

I received this book to give an honest review.


When I read the blurb to this book and noticed it dealt with zombies I have to say I was ready to read it. I love anything to do with zombies the bloody, gory, scarier the better or so I think this was definitely bloody but not scary or gory. The author does a good job with introducing us into the world that is post apocalyptic. Though I did want a bit more, though I do understand this will be set over a series of books it just didn't have that full punch for me.

You have Gus and Oscar though I am not sure of their characters right now only because I don't really click with them in an way, but they are scavengers or Reapers pretty much of the dead. I think the author did a good job with adding the humor of the two joking around with each other in times of death so that was good.

I think the only really cool thing out of the whole story was the runners. Though we get a bit of descriptions they still seem mysterious to me as I am still trying to draw a picture in my mind how they look. Let's just say they are not your normal kind of zombies. There is one scene that I am hoping maybe will come to light in other books and it is where they meet someone that they know. It seems they have a past with this chick and it seems a bit juicy.

Now this story is short just about 35 pages and so we are really just getting our feet wet on how this adventure will continue.

If you enjoy zombies and can deal with a bit of blood from zombies I say get this book and give it a try. I will be looking forward to part two to see if it gets better.