NetGalley Review: The Pretender

The Pretender (The Soren Chase Series Book 2) - Rob Blackwell

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

First thing first you will have to read book one to understand this book, the reason I say that is I read book one not too long ago and when I started reading this one I had to stop and think about what happened in the first book. 

In this story Soren learns who he truly is via another Pretender but Soren isn't what people truly expect him to be. We also see Sara and her kind of boyfriend police officer Ken fight to stop a powerful being from killing tons of innocents and stopping his menacing plan. Will all his crazy creatures (some of them were quite scary, especially the spider?)

There is so much here within the story that I will give too much away. 

I don't remember much of Sara in book one but I have to say I liked how she never gives up in this book she is constantly wanting to be on the front line of it all.

Now the reason I gave this book a four was only because towards the end it was a bit hard for me to keep all the characters straight as far as who was impersonating who. 

This book has plenty of action from the get go and leaves you wondering what exactly is the end game for all involved. 

 If you like action, paranormal creatures that you may have never heard of I say pick this book up.