Children's Review: Rangeela Tales book three

Rangeela Tales- Book 3 - Gita V. Reddy

 We received this book to give an honest review.

K is really enjoying reading about Rangeela and Navjyot and the adventures they go on. With each chapter within the book is a whole new adventure.  I have to say though with this book the adventures seemed a bit more serious. We start off with the first adventure and there is mention of chloroform that a bad guy is going to use so they can rob Navjyot family. That right there kind of threw me off even though K didn't bat an eye. Then there was another adventure that dealt with animals being poached which I think some kids who love animals would be upset with talk on this though it isn't a big thing within part of the story there is mention of it.


As there are no pictures in this book I think the older kids would enjoy this a whole lot more.


Questions and Answers with K.


1. Did you enjoy the story?

"Yes I did, will the author write more?"


2. Did you have a favorite part?

" I liked it all."


3. Was there a part you didn't like?

"Nope it was all good."


4. Would you recommend this book to your friends?

"Yes, I think they would like to read about a talking bird."