NetGalley Review: Holding Smoke

Holding Smoke - Elle Cosimano

I received this book to give an honest review.

I was very impressed with this book a lot more than I thought I would be. Especially from the beginning, the story started off pulling me in and I wanted to see where it was going to end. John "Smoke" is in a juvenile rehabilitation center he was accused of murdering his teacher and another person even though he says he only killed one.

Now when you see the nickname Smoke it makes you wonder why is that his nickname? Well the boy can leave his body how cool is that though no one can see him until one day it is Pink that sees him. You see Smoke died by the hands of his father (which you get that story as we progress) and was brought back to life. Now he can astral project even though this threads break a little each time he leaves. 

Pink is a different kind of character she is a bit mysterious and the only insight we have of her is when Smoke enters her home and she is taking care of her mother. I think the fact that Pink can see ghost is pretty cool and it seems that she has learned to kind of ignore them which is good I guess. 


Smoke does pretty good being in the Y by doing favors for his inmates though there is one person who has it out for him. I liked how the author incorporated how jobs for Smoke to do were given to him by the library. 

With the help of Pink his new friend that he met while doing a "job" he goes on a mission to prove his innocent but who is behind it all? It seems that the person I thought was considered the "bad guy" wasn't just a bit of a meany. Who will survive once the truth is out there? 

I think the author did a good job with the whole juvenile scenes we get a bit of insight on how they worked and I have to say with the paranormal thrown in there (which is just seeing ghosts and astral projection) it was a great mix. Especially as we are solving what really happened the day that Smoke's teacher and the random boy died. The characters felt really developed even the side characters like Ben. 

I highly recommend this YA.