Children's Review: What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking? Volume 1: My Brainy Best Friend - Zac Lange

We received this book to give an honest review.

I really liked this book as it brings to light how your brain works in a way. It makes it easy for kids to understand it all instead of the boring way. 

In What Was I Thinking? It tells us how your brain is your best friend it is always there for you and it sponges in information for you to learn. I really liked the "special list" and how there are three things you should think about. Which for me was a great thing to show K as he is at the age of needing to think before he acts in an unkind way. 1. Stop and think. 2. Could this hurt? 3. Could this get me in trouble? 

K even learned about how there are consequences to the actions that you make and your brain can help you make the right ones with thought. 

The pictures were very entertaining and went very well with what was being described and told to us. 


Questions and Answers with K.

1. Did you enjoy the book?


2. Did you have a favorite part?

"I really liked how the brain gets all its information."

3. Would you recommend this book to your friends?


I think this book would be good for a classroom read so maybe other kids can get a good and fun understanding of how their brain works.