Children's Review" The Elephant in the Room

Leave It to Beamer Presents:: The Elephant in the Room - Clay Boura

We received this book to give an honest review.

I liked how we learn about the idiom of the elephant in the room. It is something that people say at times and most people don't know why they say it.

So with Beamer his parents use this idiom and he uses his imagination to what it means to him which is pretty neat. 

At the end of the story Beamer learns exactly what it means when people say there is an elephant in the room. K said the book was neat but he didn't like the eyes once again on the family they creeped him out. 

When we got to the end and read the little information on how this saying came to be we discussed what it means and how maybe sometimes you should address the problem you have instead of letting it sit there like an elephant.