NetGalley Review: The Twisted Souls Series

Twisted Souls (4 Book Series) - Cege Smith

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

So this review is going to be for each book so it will be long.
Soulless what are they exactly? Well we find out that babies are born without a soul and only through the head master can they get a soul. For those that stay soulless they are not normal at all, they have grey skin red eyes, you can tell they are not like the "normal" people of Malm. This box set tells us of how it began and how it will all end.

The Soul Ripper: So this is a very unique story. People who are drawn to procreate like a lottery have to wait to have their child get a soul. With this story we have Malcolm, his wife and their daughter Cameron who will receive a soul finally. We go back and forth between the different p.o.v.'s and it all goes together very well. I liked how each time there was a different point of view the chapter started with who we were reading about. We have Malcolm who is the father of Cameron a soulless child and wants his child to get a good soul. We have Samuel who is an acolyte and serves the light but also the head master as well. We get a bit of insight via Samuel on how this ceremony works. It seems there is a ritual that has to go just right but on this day something seems very different and it seems the head master know this. As we see what happens on what is suppose to be a very special day someone has come to take what he believes is his and will stop at nothing to have it all even if that means killing people in the process.

Twisted Souls: This novella picks up right where we leave off in book one. There is a group of survivors Bishop, Cameron, Malcolm and Samuel are underground as Chim and Marcus are making soulless. Cameron is no longer little it seems the souls he received is not like the other souls. We do learn soon what Chim's plan actually is and why he is doing what he is doing to those above. As the group decides on if they should leave the bunker we see part of what Cameron can do as far as healing those that are affected by being soulless. Let's just say there maybe a chance to save the light from the darkness. As far as the bag guys go Chim and Marcus I have to say I feel really bad for Marcus and what he has to endure because of Chim and his plans. You can tell he regrets listening and believing in Chim.
I can't wait to see how Cameron will grow within herself and stop the evil before too much damage is done to those that are innocent.

Soul Cycle: Wow so if you have been following the story, you have learned about the soulless and how the soul implantation works. We see the evil that Chim and Marcus have done to the territory of Malm and how it seems to be up to Cameron to stop it all. Though she has to learn how the Before happened to be able to stop what is going on right now. Though it seems now there is another person involved and we learn this through Samuel's eyes and what he has experienced. Was the Before created for someone to have power? It seems so. It also seems the soulless have evolved but into what exactly? The scene with Marius, Devon and his mother was chilling as it seems that these two soulless have something sinister going down. Can Cameron save everything as they Champion she is?

A Soul to Settle: Cameron understands what she has to do to save the soulless but what will she do? Samuel finally learns the truth on his mentor the previous head master and it shocks him. The end battle is not very spectacular but the action that Cameron does makes her a champion. Marius now understands that he has been a pawn in this whole thing and just wants to take the soulless that are in cages and live in peace somewhere. As he has to end up choosing a side which one will he pick? The side with Cameron or a side with Lairus who seems to have a very evil plan. I have to say this box set was really good and I really liked the idea of how the author wrote the soulless and souls.