Review: Onyx Webb Book One Episodes 1-2-3

Onyx Webb (Book One: Episodes 1, 2 & 3) - Andrea Waltz, Richard Fenton

I received this book to give an honest review and my rating is a 4.5.
Alright so first of all the cover is what calls out to me it just has that creepy but yet cool factor to it.

Though this book is not creepy or scary at all it is pretty good, though at times I would find myself wondering how are all three characters related there has to be something there for all of them to be connected. Each story within the story is unique just like the characters. We have Onyx Webb who has a mystery surrounding her all on its own especially with the words her mother left her father with. Though I want to know what is in the box that was left for her when she was old enough to understand. We see that Onyx has a not so easy grown up life. We do know that Onyx is a ghost I just hope that we get to learn how she became one as we don't get told within these episodes.

We go between time lines from 1900's up to 2010 each character Onyx, Juniper, Koda and then the side characters all play a part it is just a matter time before each one web into each other. I really like the paranormal or supernatural which ever one you want to call it plays a role within the story.

Juniper is a character that when her story is told you wonder how will it end for her? Will she ever be found?

Koda I am not too sure about as he is the son of a wealthy man but acts like a spoiled brat his friend Dane is one that I like and I really liked how we got to see a bit of Dane's back ground and his abilities.

I think the authors did a great job with weaving between different characters and what was going on in their life during certain time periods it was not hard to follow along and I really like how the book ended. I wouldn't call it exactly a cliffhanger but more like something you are wanting more of. I just hope that these three main characters get their story completely told within the other episodes before there are other characters brought into the mix of the story (if that is something that would happen.)

There is plenty of mystery, death, drama mixed all into one. Give this book a try and see if this serial book is one for you.