Children's Review: Discovering Harold

Discovering Harold - Stephen England, Hannah England

We received this book to give an honest review.


K and I both enjoyed this book as we loved to see if Harold was ever going to be able to get home.

Harold whose real name is Jonathan was helped out by man when he had gotten hurt one day in the forest as a fawn. Through Harold/Jonathan's eyes we see what he gets to experience from trying cake for the first time, to getting close to the family and the animals that are around him at the family's home. Harold thinks about his family from time to time so when he becomes old enough to be in the wild will he take it or decide to stay? 

Honestly this was a lovely book that was fun to read from an animal's p.o.v. with short chapters.


Questions and Answers with K:


1. Did you like the book?

"Yes I did. All of it."


2. Did you have a favorite part?

"No I really like it all."