#PBwkendread Review: Surrounded by Sharks

Surrounded by Sharks - Michael Northrop

So this was my weekend read and I was surprised I finished it within 2 hours of actually sitting down and reading it. Now it is being categorized as middle grade young adult but I would read this to my nine year old. I think he would enjoy the adventure of a young boy named Davey who finds himself in a situation of hopefully being rescued before the sharks make a meal out of him. 

The plot is super easy to follow, clean and the characters are very simple. 

I really don't want to write too long of a review as I feel I would give too much away. 

I really liked how Davey's brother Brandon sought out someone to listen to him as he knew what is brother would do and not do. We get a bit of insight from Davey on the types of sharks he sees while being in the ocean thank goodness for having some knowledge on that.