NetGalley Review: All The Missing Girls

All the Missing Girls: A Novel - Ms. Megan Miranda

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


So for me the book started off with a bang and I was really impressed with it, this story is told in a different but unique way. We go backwards leading up to the reason why Annaleise goes missing. In this time secrets will come to life and we learn what happened to Corinne another girl who went missing ten years before.

The only reason I am giving this book a four and not a five rating is the fact that at times I would have to re-read to make sure where I was as we switched between days. 


I think the authors approach in this was really neat and the way it all comes together was cool. 

Nic comes back to Cooley Ridge when her brother Daniel calls because of their dad. When Nic comes back another girl ends up going missing and the secrets that have been hidden come to light. Nic has to not only deal with her dad's health but the fact he wants to bring up "that girl" which now have the police involved along with trying to fix up the house and sell it. There was a reason she left but it seems the Cooley Ridge is not done with her just yet. 

Are the two missing girls connected in anyway? If they are who is all involved? Will Nic be able to deal with the the truth when it comes out in the end?


You like thrillers and mysteries I say give this book a read. I really enjoyed this authors writing that I will be looking into her other work to see if it is just as good.