#PBwkendread Review: Shutter

Shutter - Courtney Alameda

So the cover called to me on this one. I have to say it just screams "pick me up and read me." 

So we get to meet Micheline and her friends who monster hunt but in a different way. Micheline uses cameras and mirrors to exorcise the ghost that she sees. 

When they take on a job and do not wait for backup that is when things go down hill, all those that are in Micheline crew end up having a curse called a soulchain which is not good because they have seven days to destroy the entity that caused this or all they all die. Not too hard right? Well when Micheline learns who is behind it all she is in shock and she has to go through tragedy a second time. 

I really enjoyed the world that the author created, the supernatural play a normal role in the world so it is normal for ghost and other paranormal to be about, since there is a team to handle it all. I also enjoyed how the author described certain paranormal entities like the scorpion. No it is not a real scorpion but made up of different parts so to speak and the way it moves oh lawd FEAKY!! For the description you are going to have to dive into the book.

I think the lineage of the characters was a great idea to put into the book. You have the Helsing's and the Stoker's. Yes the old school lineage is in this book but it is just their blood. 

The characters were well developed i.m.o. and I thought Micheline's character was awesome. She didn't mind breaking the rules when she felt they needed to be broken, she is strong, and hard headed at times. Though it all comes together to make a good character.

I hope there is a book two out so I can read more about this world that has been created!