Review: Party Girl Crashes the Rapture

Party Girl Crashes the Rapture - M.E. Purfield

Man oh man where do I start with this book? I do have to admit I like this author's writing style and I have enjoyed his other work especially the Miki Raddic series so this was a bit different for me to read. I really was not connecting with the main character Lorelei at first I had the same thoughts as everyone else in the book she was the big sl**  of the school and the way she acted drove me crazy! Especially when she found someone special that really loved her no matter her past. Which we all know those guys are always so hard to find. When she did the big no-no to him I almost threw my kindle and started calling her names but I had to reel back and remember it is just a book and a character lol. 

As her story progress I started to understand where she was coming from and why she was the way she was. My heart broke for her and I wanted nothing but the best no matter what for her. I wanted her to move forward with her life and I was really interested to find out who the girl was in her vision. When it came together I was like WHAT! No way. That was pretty neat. 

Lorelei has been having seizures and visions but doesn't understand why, but slowly over time everything starts to come together especially with the help of Rick the good guy/boyfriend of hers. Everything wraps up for a good ending so you are not left wondering too much on what happens. Though I would like to find out if anyone got into trouble, will her and Rick stay together, heck will she even change fully and leave the drugs and partying scene alone. 

Just so you know this book is not for the teens unless you don't mine sex, drugs and language. Lorelei is not your average good girl she is bad and she knows it.  She isn't perfect far from it but we see the path she is going down and we can only hope that Rick can help her go down the right one.