Children's Review: Forty Fun Fables: That Trick, Tickle and Teach

Forty Fun Fables: Tales that Trick, Tickle and Teach - F. Baird Hoffmire, Mitch Weiss, Martha Hamilton

We received this book to give an honest review.


K and I both really enjoyed this book. I have never read any fables to him so I wasn't sure what he would think about this kind of book being read to him. 

I have to say he liked it, especially when we discussed the moral of the story after reading each one I think that he was learning a little bit on the lessons that were being told. The fables vary and they are short so you are not reading more than a page for each one so that makes it really easy to enjoy. As far as pictures umm there are few but that was okay with us. 

At the end of the book is something for the teachers and parents to read to help the students or child. I didn't read it so I am not sure if it is helpful or not I was more interested in the fables from Aesop and around the world. 


Questions and Answers with K.


1. Did you enjoy the book?

"Yes I did, I liked how the stories each had animals in them."


2. Did you feel you learned anything?

"I think I did but I might forget some of them."