Review: Punk Rocker

Punk Rocker - Janet Salopek-Green, Jorge Newbury, Carla Mullins-Haughan, Alison Braun, Steven E Metz, Brenda Perlin, Alan Wynzel, Christoph Fischer, Mark   Barry, Erin McGowan, Caddy Rowland, Jim Kavanagh

This honestly is not my type of book to read but I figured what the hey I would give it a try. It was interesting to see how all these authors were affected by the Punk era. We get accounts of what each author saw and felt within the scene along with what was the fashion. 

Each author had a different feel to what they were telling us but it all centers around Punk Rock which you learn that some of the authors were official "Punk" but hey they felt the music within their soul. They felt the deaths of the music icons when their time came to past. I have to say there was one story in here that I literally laughed so hard at. I can not remember the title of the top of my head but it has to do with being a teenager and going to see the Clash and he ends up in the back of his car instead with vomit on his jacket. 

If you like to read about memories and some fictional stories along with seeing some pictures of famous Punk Rockers then give this book a try. It is a quick read once you get into it.