Review: Eyes Deep

Eyes Deep: A Clandestine Daze Novella - Tim Marquitz

I received this book to give an honest review.


I have to say for a novella this book was action packed, though I wanted a little bit of backstory on the world that is created. I assume that maybe in the other books that we get to know more.

We have a shifter who can eat a person's eyeball to gain that person's identity in this case the shifter becomes Theodor Crane. His job is to spy on the humans without them knowing it and thank goodness he goes because he uncovers the stealing of technology that can affect the supernatural world. It is up to Theodor and Jace to get to the bottom of it while trying to stay under the radar. 


This book seems to deal with AI (artificial intelligence) and the supernatural in different ways. If you like action then you may like this book. It was filled with action from the get-go.  I really liked Jace and how she was able to transform into a majestic creature.