#PBwkendread Review: Howl

Howl (Howl #1) - Jayme Morse, Jody Morse

Let me first say that I LOVE the paperback cover of this book it is gorgeous! 

This is a very clean book and I recommend it for the teens that like werewolves. 

We start off our story with Samara who is a normal teen that has best friends, goes to parties and even has crushes. 

Until she goes on her first date and that is when things start going crazy for her. She gets bit by a wolf and this opens up a whole new world for her that she never knew existed. The crazy thing is that the packs want her to be on their side and she has too chose one or the other. It is a huge decision for her to pick because she knows people on both sides of the packs. 

The ending left us with a pretty dramatic ending that will make you want to read book two to see what is going to happen next. 

I can only hope that Samara will try to get answers or at least find out more about her grandpa because it seems that he may have left some information behind for the "female" werewolf of the family. Or at least that is what I gathered. 

The story line is very simple not much drama or action which I think some people may enjoy. 

For me I enjoyed the book and I think I am going to have to get book two in paperback to match this one.