Review: Delilah West V1


I received this book to give an honest review.


When I read book three I really loved Delilah as a P.I. she is always finding herself in trouble while the is investigating things for clients. We start of with some short stories that were really quick and not to serious to read. I enjoyed that because we see that as a P.I. Delilah gets weird little cases besides the big ones.

In Death is Forever Delilah is still dealing with the death of her husband Jack who died six months ago. When she gets asked to find a girl who has gone missing she doesn't really want to do it until she realizes that it could be connected to her husband's murder. What she uncovers is not what she was expecting and she has a fight on her hands with trying to uncover the truth and stay alive.

I really liked how no matter what she never gave up to find the truth. I can't wait to dive into the next story in this book. 

Run From Nightmare Delilah is now moving on once she found her husband's killer. Though she is just taking small jobs and nothing big. But when Rita a close friend of hers comes and ask her to look into the disappearance of someone she knows. she doesn't want to at first. Though when she meets the brother and father of Janet (who is the girl missing) she realizes she needs to take the job. Though she slowly puts the puzzle together on what happened to her she finds herself looking at death once again. I really liked how Delilah didn't give up no matter what was thrown her way or who was trying to stop her. I hope that the author has more of this P.I. as it is a good and fast read.