Review: When You Were Here

When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney (26-Jun-2014) Paperback - Daisy Whitney

I saw this book in my public library as I was glancing around to see what was there. I saw the title picked it up and flipped it over. When I read the back it pulled me because it says "When someone you love has died, there is a certain grace period during which you can get away with murder. Not literal murder, but pretty much anything else." 

I read that and went umm I wonder what this is about I dived right into it and was amazing at how I fell in loved with the story. 

We are introduced to Danny and boy has he had it hard. He was very close to his mother and she passed away from a long battle with cancer. He is having a hard time because she promised to be there at his graduation no matter what and she didn't make it. So when he gets a letter mentioning what would he like to do with the apartment in Tokyo he decides to go there and see if he can find out more about this mother. He learns things that he never knew before and there was a big secret that was never told until now. This is one part that I felt so much for not only with Danny but also the one who has his heart. 

Danny is not only finding himself, who his mother was as she was in Tokyo but also how to get over the death of love ones. Especially those he never got to meet. 

At times this book felt raw to me and there was one scene that I wanted to cry on but I didn't because then I have to explain to my kids why I was crying. Needed to avoid that explanation. 

I have to say I highly recommend this book and I am so glad it was a random pick me up book, as I probably would have never heard of this author or book.