Review: Chasing Midnight

Chasing Midnight: A Darkest Desires of Dixie Novel - Shyloh Morgan, Alex Morgan

I received this book to give an honest review and I am torn between a two and three star rating. So I guess I will go with a three. As I did find the book to be enjoyable in some parts and others not so much. This review may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.


So after reading the blurb I was like you know I am going to enjoy this book. First I love the town name Midnight and I love the main character's name Mhisery. 

So the story started off really good for me and I was really getting into it, especially when Mhisery comes back into her home town. I was ready to see what relationship Mhisery and Quinn would have. Mhisery wanted to move away from her hometown and make something for herself I find that to be awesome but she has changed a whole lot. We see how she deals with being back home when her father starts going down hill and how she finds love when didn't expect to. 

We get to meet Quinn as well and we see how why he stays in Midnight and how he is a huge family man which I think is just awesome. Not only does he have good looks and works hard but he also takes care of his family no matter what they do. 

Then it started going downhill the sex scenes between Mhisery and Quinn drove me just crazy. The descriptions of the way the scenes would be portrayed just at times seemed to be too much. In every scene we knew what Quinn's muscles seemed like, we learned that he wanted to be around her "sex" and then later on the p word was slipped in. Which would have been totally fine to use in all the scenes. It literally just felt repetitive and that it was what the whole book was about. 

Also there was no page breaks when switching between different character's p.o.v. especially when a scene would change. 

Then the story got better when we got to be introduced to Chase Quinn's brother. I was thinking okay so we are going to be getting another story out of this book I am down for it. Then all of a sudden he just disappeared until towards the end. I wanted to know why Quinn didn't go and visit Chase at his new place. 

Through out the book it seems that Mhisery has a secret admire and it makes you think that something bad is going to happen pretty soon. IT DOESN'T not until towards the end. It was totally built up but nothing truly happens until close to the end, also how did Mhisery not see this person. I mean it seems to be a small town where folks gossip but no one noticed a stranger within their midst? That doesn't sound normal. 

Through out the story it just felt repetitive at times between Mhisery not wanting to be in the town to always describing her father, then throw in Quinn and how he had to raise his siblings. I felt it was a filler so to speak. 


I did think the authors did a great job with the characters and bringing their personalities to life. I can honestly say that I did like the characters just not certain scenes with them lol. 

Would I read the next book in this series I might.