#PBwkendread Review: Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds - Katy Kellogg

I won this paperback and I was glad to have. It sounded like a good book I started reading it and half way through it just fell a bit flat for me. We are introduced to Haleigh, Korbin and Elijah and we go back and forth with different p.o.v.'s from all three. Haleigh and Korbin are best friends and Elijah is Haleigh's boyfriend. We see the tension between Korbin and Elijah so when it escalates to the point that one of them is killed that is when Haleigh is brought into the world of angels and demons. Especially now that she has a tool within her body called the logos.  Between all three we learn what will happen to Haleigh while she has this tool within her and how all this supernatural works. 

For me there was just not enough action within the story. Though I have to say the scene with the birds and the church had me going on my goodness attack of the birds.  I think that the teens would enjoy this book a whole lot more as there is no sex, and really no graphic violence at all. The way the book ended it seems that maybe there could more to come not really sure though as it seemed like and opening ending. 

The characters were pretty decent. I really loved how Korbin and Haleigh were just best friends and that one had a crush on the other