#PBwkendread Review: The Program

The Program - Suzanne Young

I have been dying to read this book so when I saw my library had it I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

I really enjoyed this story being told. It is divided into three parts Uncomfortably Numb this is where we meet Sloane, James and Miller. We get insight to the first person being taken by a handler while Sloane is in class. When people are taken you have to make sure you don't show feelings, feelings of any sort get you flagged. Once you are flagged handlers can come and take you to the program and you are never the same once you get out. I love how Sloane and James just mesh together as boyfriend and girlfriend. They are both strong for one another in some way. 

Then we enter into part two The Program and we actually get inside look on how the program goes and how they go about erasing your memories. In here is where Sloane meets someone who is in the program with her named Realm. This makes you wonder if she will ever remember James her one true love or will her and Realm get together? Who knows. We also have a creepy handler who seems to want to help Sloane but at a cost. Will she accept the help?  All we know is the program sucks and erases time that is not theirs to erase. 

Then we move into part three Wish You Weren't Here. This is when it for sure gets interesting as we see how well Sloane moves back into normal life after having her memories erase. Though it seems her heart totally remembers when she is close to Jason she just doesn't understand why. It seems that just maybe there is chance Sloane could start to remember who knows? So why does the program want her to stay way from Jason as he was in the program too. 

The only main issue I have with this book is the fact that we never learn how the suicide in teens became an epidemic. They say it is contagious (which we all know in REAL LIFE that is not true) but in a book anything can go. So how did it become contagious, where did it start, and why is it affecting only certain age groups? Hence this book getting four stars and not a solid five like I hoped. I do plan on reading the next one as I have it on reserve as I need to finish the story. I need to know what will happen with Sloane, Jason, Lacy, and Realm. Will we get the answers we need or will everything still be a mystery? 


I think the author did a great job with the characters. Sloane is one that I can tell is not only hard headed but will not stop until she gets the answers she needs and strong when she needs to be. Jason he seems like the strong type but you can deep down that he has feelings which is good. Realm I don't know about him just yet. He plays the two faced part pretty darn well. I was really liking him until the truth came out and then I didn't like him as well.