Review: Secret Demon

Secret Demon - D.L. Snell;John Sunseri;Ryan C. Thomas;David Dunwoody
I received this book to give an honest review. 
So when I read the blurb I was really wanting to read the story that was to be told. I love reading about demonic activity though I would never want to be in the shoes of someone who has to go through it.
I was really enjoying this book but it didn't seem real as in the blurb it says "based on a true story." I didn't get that from it. We are introduced to Megan who is such a sweet girl who has had to grow up way to early and deal with a lot.  We learn that her mother Patsy doesn't love her and believes her to be a devil child, and it makes you so upset at the fact. Over time we see what has caused Patsy to become the person she is. It seems that Megan is like her mother in the demonic and psychic sense. 
I really loved the relationship that Megan and her father had even though he wasn't a big part in her life being has he had to work a lot.  
Overall it was a good read I wanted to know what was going to happen to Megan but I felt it lacked on the demonic front for me. Whenever Megan felt the "demon" around or needed some help she would pray to the angels that surrounded her which was awesome I just didn't get that oooooo scary type thing. 
Another thing that bothered me to no avail is the bullying issue that Megan went through at school. It felt far from what a real situation would be. I honestly could not wrap my head around it whenever it was brought up. 
This is one of those books that I would say give a read and see if you like it. Just don't go into it thinking it will scary or have a lot of demonic activity.