NetGalley Review: Anything For Her

Anything for Her - Jack Jordan

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


Once I started reading this it was hard for me to put down until the very end. Though I have to say I did not like the characters at all within this book except Dominic the young son of Louise and Michael.

Louise and her daughter Brooke hold a deep secret. One that has not only caused problems within the marriage of Michael and Louise along with Michael doing illegal things, but we also see how much of a shell both of them have become. 

We never get told right out what the secret is until almost towards the end but it builds up to it very well. 

The way Michael acted toward his wife made me want to scream on so many levels. I just couldn't on so many levels with him. Then let's jump on the bandwagon of Louise. Now I can understand wanting to be by herself to gather her thoughts but she was selfish especially when it came to Dominic who needed his mom. I wanted to smack her as well. I have to say the family seems to be dysfunctional on so many levels. 

I am not sure what I can write on this review as I feel as I will give away so much. Just pick it up and see if you will enjoy it is all I can say.

This story is filled with heartache and suspense. I am so glad I found this author as he has a way with not only words but pulling you into the story.