#PBwkendread Review: Higher Ground Zero Hero

Higher Ground: Zero Hour - John T. Carpenter

I received this book to give an honest review.


So I was expecting a lot of the end of the world with this book but it didn't seem to really have that for me. It wasn't really action packed like I thought. 

Yes it does talk of the end of the world seeming to happen via a virus which has hospitals filling up and the military not allowing planes to take off. Kent and his family have been preparing for something to happen with our world it is just a matter of time. His family and certain friends have been stacking up with supplies and learning how to shoot guns just in case. Which I think is a good thing, as you never know what could go down. Now we only get told that a virus has been let lose and we follow Kent and his friends as they go to their cabin in the woods. Along the way they meet others who they will take with them and some that need to be threatened. 

I guess for me when I read end of the world books or what not I like to read what causes it and how people truly react. I think I like to read about chaos and how people survive it mainly. We see how some of the characters believe certain conspiracies could be about and it does make you think about things. 

As far as characters they were all pretty good I didn't relate to any of them but I did relate to their survival instinct more. 

I think the author did a good job with researching things and writing this story that will leave you wondering how will the world become now and what more will be brought these characters way. 

The scene with the drone and ink was pretty neat. I could see my son wanting something like that just because it is cool.