NetGalley Review: The Row

The Row - Janine O'Malley, J.R. Johansson

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


Not only did the cover pull me into wanting to read this book but the blurb as well. A teen who has a father in prison more over on death row what can this book be about. Is he guilty or is he innocence? How will Riley's life change if he dies? So many questions I had and they were answered. Riley has had a hard life ever since her father went away and was sentenced to death row for the murders of three people. She doesn't get close to anyone and you would expect that, so when she gets close to one person she gets a big surprise as to who he is. Which of course leads her to fight within herself on rather she should leave him alone or ask him for help on helping her fight for her father's innocence. 

With the death sentencing looming on Riley and the statement her father makes to her, she slowly enlists  the help of Jordan and later on the attorney for her father and goes out to find the truth to get her father out but will it be too late or will the truth hurt her in the end? Who knows. I can honestly say I loved this story from the beginning to the end and really felt for Riley as a character. Now her mother I couldn't imagine being the wife to a supposed serial killer and not being able to fully move on with your life. 

I can honestly say that if you like page turners and bit of truth finding then pick this book up. I really liked this author's writing style, character development and how she is able to pull you in and not let you go.